Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Gifted Movie (Local)

Hello September! 

And to welcome the ber-months lets start with a movie!


Presenting Anne Curtis new upcoming movie entitled "The Gifted" produced by Viva Entertainment. 

Sam Milby as the lead actor and Christine Reyes also as a lead actress.

The movie is about two intellectually gifted girls growing up as best-friends but enemies in terms of education and other competitive stuffs.

The film features two girls named Zoe (Curtis) and Aika (Reyes) 

Tuazon is obese, a fact that hadn't previously been publicized. while Reyes is in a unique get-up, sporting nerdy glasses, buck teeth, and bushy eyebrows.

Christine and Anne officially became enemies as Sam Milby came into their lives. They are both fighting for the attention of Sam and when they grew up they undergone surgery to be pretty and hot.

“Two girls gifted with extremely high IQ endure growing up together as enemies until a new boy in school comes along. Beauty and Brains collide with the arrival of the new Boy,” Viva Films said in the trailer’s description.

This movie was directed and written by Chris Martinez who is also the director of the award-winning movie "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank."

Anne shared, “It doesn’t matter what package or size you come in it’s really how you are and it’s not really a bad thing…it’s your lifestyle so I don’t think we should take it against them. If you’re happy and comfortable in your skin then go for it!”

Curtis said she couldn't divulge details of the plot but described the characters as "super hilarious," and the script "intelligent."

“Nakakatawa 'yung mga pasabog ng bawat character. Meron pang isang element dito na hindi ko puwede i-share sa mga tao. Malalaman niyo siguro when the trailer comes out. Ang nakikita niyo ngayon, glamorous sila, but there's another element to it,” she said at the time." (http://www.abs-cbnnews.com)

A joint project by Star Cinema and Viva Films.

“The Gifted” opens nationwide Sept. 3.


It was previously reported by some online media outlets that the first choice for the leading man in the film was Dingdong Dantes. However, for reasons that are still unknown, the role went to Sam Milby.