Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013

Yesterday, 11/16/2013, I just had a wonderful day because i attended a marvelous event called the "Blogapalooza 2013" at SMX Convention Center SM Aura Taguig City, (and tell you what its my 1st time going there!, and what can i say its easy going there but when going home is such a pain) The program start at 11am but unfortunately i arrive 4pm at the event, and when i arrive i cant believe it, its amazing there and i never expected that the event would be that gorgeous! And the attendees are great when it comes to fashion they all look beautiful.


When we arrive we started exploring the area, and it caught to my attention that there's a lot of food like free taste of coffee, (btw i tried all the free coffee, and i enjoy it alot, per coffee have a unique tastes) snacks like platowarps,japaenese donut,chocolate brownies and some juices. ( And i think its a branded juices XD)

The booth Megaworld Lifestyle Malls App have a lot in freebies all you have to do is sign up and join, the prizes you could get are plenty but the high light of the prizes is a LINE stuff toys and a THOR magazine (and i would really love to get those!!) Well i join alright but unfortunately i didn't win a LINE stuff toys neither the THOR Magazine!! Huhuhuh. And guess what? Chelsi win a LINE stuff toys w/out working hard! XD and i should really rub my body to her so i could get her good-luck charms! And there's the Coffee Booths the Brownbag coffee solutions and the Figaro coffee company, they have both unique taste but im addicted to the taste of the Brownbag coffee solutions <3 Btw, I win a prize of Pin in the Mind Museum.

And they have a collaboration with PLDT too and there's a lot of wifi inside though im not really satisfied with the connection. Ouuh I love the mini game on the GrabTaxi its really bring out my adrenaline rush! (i try it 4x times! when we arrive and before we go home) And the prize is big its Instax Camera! (I would love to have that camera someday). I got a Enjoy discount and VIP privilege card, One of the awesome booth is the TruGel where there is a free nail-art! I Didn't get my nail painted cause the line is soo long and slow! But they really painted the attendees nail really beautiful. (I was thinking painting my nail a logo of tumblr such a waste! Better luck next time XD) And the food! I can say im pretty satisfied even though its a standing obavasion while eating haha.

And of course we had a little get together with our friends blogger. 
With Anne Monica, Monica Calangian and a friend of her. 
(Just look at those big bags that's where we put our prizes and giveaways!)

And of course with my one only partner in crime! Chelsi Bernardino!
(I just love all our shots together its looks mental- i mean beautiful.) 

And look at the photo booth its beautiful and the collaboration is in their which it tells how amazing the event is which i don't mind going again and again. 

And I love this picture of mine with a hugggble big teddy bear! i just wanna squeeze the out of it!

Hmm,, Flowers anyone?
(Maybe i should have taken that home it would really look beautiful outside our door. XD)

And heres the souvenir and prizes that i got
 (its few compare with the others especially to those early birds XD)

And Lastly of course my #OOTD

(c) pictures is from Chelsi and Mine.