Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"MIA" Perfume

Today I hang out on the mall with my friend Mhadel We bought lots of goodies like school stuff, Kikay stuff like lotion, dresses and perfume! And I'm super In love with my new perfume now! I'm not really expecting to bought one because i still have my old perfume but! When i saw it its like a love at first sight. ahahah.

Presenting Penshoppe Pocket Scent Body Spray

I saw it while I'm checking some perfume on the perfume stand because I don't have a specific perfume in mind it caught my attention because its color pink and I didn't hesitate to grab it, but to my surprise, Is the name! the freaking name! Its my name! MIA ,OMG OMG OMG! I think its a joy to be brought my name in something (I know my name is common but still I'm happy!) And when I spray it on my wrist, what really caught my attention is the smell, its smell wonderful and you won't easily fed up in the smell, because its really smell good! and whats more amazing to the perfume its last a long time and its still wonderful even though its been 4 hours! (A long lasting perfume is precious *^*) I just totally love it! 

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