Friday, November 22, 2013

Brownbag Coffee Solutions

Brownbag Coffee Solutions

More than just coffee. Solutions.

The first time i experience tasting the Brownbag Coffee Solutions is when i attended the "BlogapaloozaI adore coffee a lot and i don't mind drinking it 3x a day nor being it hot or cold. Brownbag Coffee Solutions is the very first booth we visit because I'm so thirsty and so haggard because of the traveling, I though its just coffee but to my surprise when I tasted the Brownbag Coffee Solutions its like a love at first taste! I can't believe there coffee is so delicious even though i have a cat tongue i cant help but sipping more.  And i love their booth is looks cozy and warm <3 I just love the taste of their coffee so much! <3

Brownbag Coffee Solutions booth

All variants of the Brownbag Coffee Solutions

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