Vikings | Luxury Buffet Restaurant

— at Avenue of the Arts Residences. 

After we eat lunch my cousin sister told me she want to eat sweet because she still hungry, I told her fine I don't mind its just a cupcake anyway not a big deal, but guess what!??!

I finally get my nail painted and it will be my nail art of the entire week, I call it Homemade Love Nail-art 

A hot and yummy lunch @ Pepper Lunch Express in Trioma's Food court.

Globe Rewards

Yesterday 11/30/2013 Using the Globe Rewards we had lunch at KFC, and ordered a yummy treat.

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Brownbag Coffee Solutions

The first time i experience tasting the Brownbag Coffee Solutions is when i attended the "Blogapalooza

"MIA" Perfume

I saw it while I'm checking some perfume on the perfume stand because I don't have a specific perfume in mind it caught my attention because its color pink and I didn't hesitate to grab it, but to my surprise,

Muhlach Ensaymada 

Today when i got home from school, it caught to my attention the Ensaymada on our table.