Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Must Be Something More

And of course, Christmas! 

Even though its another year, another age, another life,
I wound't miss it for the world and I just tried making a wishlist!
I know I can't afford it or someone can afford it hahah! Or may be SANTA can afford it!
Anyway this wishlist, its like a reminder to work hard so I can achieve having this things!
I'm a person whoose kinda materialistic & all of it is expensive! XD 
And of course all gits are welcomed with my open arms w/hugs and kisses! hahaha

And let us not forget some Christmas Song! 
Play the video while browsing my wishlist for fun! XD

Lets start then! 

WARNING (Its a long list) 


Leather Skirt

Tshirt of Adventure Time with Marceline on it.
Gladiator Shoes/Sandal
Black Boots

3-in-1 Hair Set from Watson
Ice Skating Shoes

Blower from watson
Princess Crown Ring


YAOI Manga/Novel/Merchandise

The Series of Unfortunate Event Books
Teen Wolf Movies


Pocket WIFI Globe

ACER Laptop 


External Memory of  Laptop

Canon Digital Camera

Drawing Tablet

Unattainable (I Know!!) Hahahah

Butterfly king AT-7 Knife

Pocket Knife

Cute Pepper Spray

Travel Ticket all around the world!


And lastly my one and only TRUE LOVE!

Stiles Stilinski aka Dylan O'Brien 

And that's the End of my wishlist! 
Its expensive, I know! 
 A person can dream alright!? Hahahaha

How about you what's your Christmas wishlist to Santa?!
Comment and share your wish below!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Anything but dull!

Hello December! 

Lets start with a quick #OOTD

Even though I do an OOTD post I cant still get used to posing, Its always giving me headache but I still love doing it. I envy those people whatever there pose there still look beautiful. 

One of my favorite month is October because there's a lot of event's going-on & all those events is once a year that's why I'm so looking forward to it more & even though I didn't get a chance to attend KawaiiManila2 & Blush Convention2 I'm pursuing in attending it next year (hopefully) haha. Anyway my Senior year in collage 2nd semester begun and I can tell how much I'm gonna busy because my school and OJT, and my OJT is so far so good and i'm looking forward in posting some thread regarding it!. So stay tune! 

For all the girls out there, you should apply this onto yourself: 

I love myself the way I am there's nothing I need to change 
I'll always be the perfect me there's nothing to rearrange 
I'm beautiful and capable of being the best me I can 
and I love myself just the way I am. 

I love you just the way you are there's nothing you need to do 
when I feel the love inside myself it's easy to love you 
behind your fears, your rage and tears 
I see your shining star 
and I love you just the way you are. 

I love the world the way it is, cause I can clearly see 
that all the things I judge are done 
by people just like me 
so till the birth of peace on earth 
that only love can bring 
I'll help it grow by loving everything. 

I love myself the way I am and still I want to grow. 
But change outside can only come 
when deep inside I know 
I'm beautiful and capable of being the best me I can 
and I love myself just the way I am 
I love myself just the way I am. (UNKNOWN)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Summer in Winter

Wet Look
Family gathering is one of my favorite thing to do because its means travel travel travel! When I was young we tend to travel a lot, that's was when I was young, and unfortunately there's no more family gathering happening in my family and if ever there is I dont get a chance to join because I'm so busy with my life. Anyway this last Nov. 30 my father celebrated his 50th birthday and We celebrated it at Villa Elena Private Resort at Laguna, I was so amazed because the place is awesome and there is a karaoke where me and my cousin sister sang out loud! Free public WI-FI (I didn't get a chance to get the password because I'm so excited to take a dip in the pool) I was supposed to took a lot of pictures and post it online, but I dont know how to use a internet from globe data & that's the reason for the few picture because it was all last minute picture. I'm so looking forward for the next gathering and I'll make sure to took a lot more pictures!

1st Room with 2 bedrooms and a flat screen on the outside.

3rd room is upstairs

My little sister Chaldea

My litlle sister Cherry

The slide 

The pool 

Me at the pool

My little sister Cynthia & Cherry

Me, Cynthia, Cherry

View from the back of the villa

view at the back of the villa

Me & Cherry

Me & Ate Allen

Me & Auntie Anna

Me & Ninang Pits

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Personality Disorder

Even since I'm always fascinated in psychology, and I remember when I was in my Freshman year in college 1st semester I have a subject of basic psychology and even though my professor is terror I enjoyed attending and studying in his class. And for me every article I found related to psychology is an eye candy to me. Additional that I'm a cancerian (astrology sign) Cancerian is known for their moody attitude and reading a related facts about you is quiet interesting especially if it’s accurate and I already experience attending a shrink (Psychologist) when I was young, I was quite a problem child. haha

Paranoid personality disorder

You are likely to:
• find it very difficult to trust other people, believing they will use you, or take advantage of you
• find it hard to confide in people, even your friends
• watch others closely, looking for signs of betrayal or hostility
• suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, with no evidence
• read threats and danger – which others don’t see – into everyday situations.

Schizoid personality disorder

You are likely to:
• be uninterested in forming close relationships with other people including your family
• feel that relationships interfere with your freedom and tend to cause problems
• prefer to be alone with your own thoughts
• choose to live your life without interference from others
• get little pleasure from life
• have little interest in sex or intimacy
• be emotionally cold towards others.

Schizotypal personality disorder

You are likely to:
• find making close relationships extremely difficult
• think and express yourself in ways that others find ‘odd’, using unusual words or phrases
• behave in ways that others find eccentric
• believe that you can read minds or that you have special powers such as a ‘sixth sense’
• feel anxious and tense with others who do not share these beliefs
• feel very anxious and paranoid in social situations.

Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)

You are likely to:
• act impulsively and recklessly, often without considering the consequences for yourself or for other people
• behave dangerously and sometimes illegally
• behave in ways that are unpleasant for others
• do things – even though they may hurt people – to get what you want, putting your needs above theirs
• feel no sense of guilt if you have mistreated others
• be irritable and aggressive and get into fights easily
• be very easily bored and you may find it difficult to hold down a job for long
• believe that only the strongest survive and that you must do whatever it takes to lead a successful life, because if you don’t grab opportunities, others will
• have a criminal record
• have had a diagnosis of conduct disorder before the age of 15.
You will be at least 18 years old.
This diagnosis includes ‘psychopathy’. This term is no longer used in the Mental Health Act, but a ‘psychopathy checklist’ questionnaire may be used in your assessment.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD)

You are likely to:
• feel that you don’t have a strong sense of who you really are, and others may describe you as very changeable
• suffer from mood swings, switching from one intense emotion to another very quickly, often with angry outbursts
• have brief psychotic episodes, hearing voices or seeing things that others don’t
• do things on impulse, which you later regret
• have episodes of harming yourself, and think about taking your own life
• have a history of stormy or broken relationships
• have a tendency to cling on to very damaging relationships, because you are terrified of being alone.
The term ‘borderline’ is difficult to make sense of, and some people prefer the term ‘emotionally unstable personality disorder’ or ‘emotional instability disorder’, which is sometimes used in place of ‘borderline personality disorder’. 

Histrionic personality disorder

You are likely to:
• feel very uncomfortable if you are not the center of attention
• feel much more at ease as the ‘life and soul of the party’
• feel that you have to entertain people
• flirt or behave provocatively to ensure that you remain the center of attention
• get a reputation for being dramatic and overemotional
• feel dependent on the approval of others
• be easily influenced by others.

Narcissistic personality disorder

You are likely to:
• believe that there are special reasons that make you different, better or more deserving than others
• have fragile self-esteem, so that you rely on others to recognize your worth and your needs
• feel upset if others ignore you and don’t give you what you feel you deserve
• resent other people’s successes
• put your own needs above other people’s, and demand they do too
• be seen as selfish and ‘above yourself’
• take advantage of other people.

Avoidant (or anxious) personality disorder

You are likely to:
• avoid work or social activities that mean you must be with others
• expect disapproval and criticism and be very sensitive to it
• worry constantly about being ‘found out’ and rejected
• worry about being ridiculed or shamed by others
• avoid relationships, friendships and intimacy because you fear rejection
• feel lonely and isolated, and inferior to others
• be reluctant to try new activities in case you embarrass yourself.

Dependent personality disorder

You are likely to:
• feel needy, weak and unable to make decisions or function properly without help or support
• allow others to assume responsibility for many areas of your life
• agree to things you feel are wrong or you dislike to avoid being alone or losing someone's support
• be afraid of being left to fend for yourself
• have low self-confidence
• see other people as being much more capable than you are
• be seen by others as much too submissive and passive.

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)

You are likely to:
• need to keep everything in order and under control
• set unrealistically high standards for yourself and others
• think yours is the best way of making things happen
• worry when you or others might make mistakes
• expect catastrophes if things aren’t perfect
• be reluctant to spend money on yourself or others
• have a tendency to hang on to items with no obvious value.
OCPD is separate from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), which describes a form of behaviour rather than a type of personality.  (

And after I read this I kinda subjected myself a mixed of Borderline personality disorder (BPD), Paranoid personality disorder & Avoidant (or anxious) personality disorder. ahaha But that's okay because I believe having a little bit of those onto someone makes them human.

How about you? Share your though and comment right away!