Saturday, November 30, 2013

Globe Rewards with KFC

Yesterday 11/30/2013 Using the Globe Rewards we had lunch at KFC

We ordered  a rice based meal Chicken Burger Steak with drink Orange juice for the main-course and a delicious appetizer of CRISPY FRIES Thick-cut, skin-on, battered fries that is crispy on the outside but deliciously soft and tasty on the inside, along with the yummy deserts of BROWNIE KFC's signature brownie with chocolate glaze and choco-chip toppings. its really satisfied my hungry stomach, Over all it was a great lunch. 

Instruction how to use their rewards points @ partner stores.

Visit Globe Pages for more information.

And visit KFC Pages for more information.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Make it a BrownBag Christmas!

Presenting the Brownbag Coffee Solutions. Christmas Promo!

Now that Christmas is just around the corner then it is about time that you grab yourself a guide list for a present for you family or friends! For family the father and Grandparents would appreciate the BrownBag coffee solutions especially this season is cold whats more fun bonding together with your family in the dining room or living room while drinking coffee and chatting in your heart contents,.With also having a unique and home oriented design surely you're parents and grandparents will love you moreee. Best gift ever.

For your friends addicted to coffee be it candy or food with favored coffee he/she would love to receive one of this awesome coffee from BrownBag Coffee Solution not only of the amazing taste but also because of those eye catching wrapper design. 

And because its Christmas order before December 10 and save 10%.

Order now and get a discount @ Brownbag Coffee

The Mind Museum's Cafe Scientifique

"Cafe Scientifique is a world-wide movement to bring science closer to the public through conversations. This event is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC." 

The Mind Museum invited you to their special event called "Cafe ScientifiqueWhy Should Pinoy Bother with Science" Novembers  30 (Saturday), 4:00pm at the Canopy Plaza to take part in an open discussion with guest scientists, including those from Phivolcs, Pagasa & The Manila Observatory on this month's Cafe Scientifique.

Also you could still grab some ticket for the last day of the Da Vinci-The Genius Exhibition.
same sate as Saturday 11/30/2013.


For more information of The Mind Museum visit.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mind museum

The Mind Museum is a project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. It is dedicated to providing an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science.

To strengthen its commitment to lifelong science learning, The Mind Museum is a member of the Association of Science -Technology Centers and the Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres.       

The galleries of the Mind Museum

Atom Gallery: The Strange World of the Very Small

The Atom Gallery is the gallery with the most number of interactive exhibits. It contains the very elemental forces that are so familiar that we take them for granted like gravity and electromagnetism. It also presents the counterintuitive quantum world that resembles nothing from everyday experience, yet serves as the basis for much of the technology of today.

Life Gallery: The Exuberance of Life

The Life Gallery features the exuberance of a living planet in all its forms. It features the various habitats that nurture an astonishing number and kinds of organisms. This gallery also features the inner spaces that inhabit this life in the form of molecules called DNA.

 Earth Gallery: Nature Across the Breadth of Time 

The Earth Gallery features the first permanent T-Rex exhibit in the country along with other unique exhibits that focus on forces at work in shaping and reshaping the Earth. Knowing natural history is the way we can educate museum visitors on how long it took the planet to give us what we now inhabit. 
Universe Gallery: Its Beginning and Majesty

The Universe Gallery showcases humankind’s wondrous fascination with outer space. It features exhibits that show how all of life, as we know it now, found its atomic beginnings in the stars in space. It enfolds visitors in the fundamental elements and forces at play in the universe. The Universe Gallery includes a mini, teaching planetarium that brings guests closer to the wonders of the universe.

Technology Gallery: The Exuberance of Life

The Technology Gallery is the largest of all the galleries. It is the only exhibition space on the second level, overlooking the other four galleries. This gallery presents technology not as a mere tool, gadget or industrial advancement but as means to flesh out human values, to help us become better humans. 


 The Earth Gallery: Nature Across the Breadth of Time is what interest me I would really like to see if there's really a dinosaur in the past life and how they live and breed. How big are they and is are those foot prints even real!? I watched Jurassic Park movie, there's a part there where the dinosaur is being breed through science and its really adorable. And always wonder if we could do that in our current life. And I was fascinated at the Dinosaur movie at Disney channel when i watched it. The part where its rains meteorite i always wonder if that's really the reason how the dinosaur vanish. 

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” 

Operating hours:

Tuesday-Sunday (closed Monday)
 9am-12nn | 12nn-3pm | 3pm-6pm
Additional slot on saturday

Ticket prices:

Adults - Php600
Children and students (up to college) - Php450
Public School students (up to college) - Php150
Teachers - Php150

For more Information please visit the following.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moooh Shop

Guangzhou (China)

Moooh is a website that sells Apparels, shoes, jewelry and accessories at FREE and FAST worldwide shipping. Processing order time 12/24 hours. They ship within 24/72 hours from your purchase. Customer service 7/7 and 24/24 hours. And they answer to your emails from seconds up to 6 hours.

Some admirably outfit, accessories and shoes they sell.

*Harajuku Wing Black Backpack
*Wings Angel Backpack
Those wings at the back is gorgeous, 
( I myself is a fan of wings, I adore them)
 and even in causal outfit they would really fit.

*Oxford Black Matte Over The Leap Lace Up Boots
*Oxford Black Matte Boots

Who hates boots? just look at those beautiful boots.
I have so many ideas where i can wear those beautiful shoes
 even in cosplay it would look beautiful. 

*Super Cute Bow High Waist Suspender Skirt With Detachable Straps.
*Lovely Black Bow Lace Shirt Blouse
*Cute Polkadot Suspender Skirt with Detachable Strap

And look at this stunning outfit! 
Don't they look adorable!? I think its freaking cute!
A photo-session with your friends or just going to the mall this outfit 
look stunning not be stared at. 

Love them and can't get enough of them?
Visit Moooh website for more awesome items.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Brownbag Coffee Solutions

Brownbag Coffee Solutions

More than just coffee. Solutions.

The first time i experience tasting the Brownbag Coffee Solutions is when i attended the "BlogapaloozaI adore coffee a lot and i don't mind drinking it 3x a day nor being it hot or cold. Brownbag Coffee Solutions is the very first booth we visit because I'm so thirsty and so haggard because of the traveling, I though its just coffee but to my surprise when I tasted the Brownbag Coffee Solutions its like a love at first taste! I can't believe there coffee is so delicious even though i have a cat tongue i cant help but sipping more.  And i love their booth is looks cozy and warm <3 I just love the taste of their coffee so much! <3

Brownbag Coffee Solutions booth

All variants of the Brownbag Coffee Solutions

Sign-up for the free taste of the Brownbag Coffee Solutions

For more information please visit the clickable link below.

Lulu Nails & Dry Bar

Lulu Nails & Dry Bar

Comfort and Style Hub for Nails and Hair Pampering.

I first came across Lulu Nails and Dry Bar during a feature in a "Blogapalooza."
They are one of the sponsors in the event and one of my favorite too.
When I'm watching from their booth I was so mesmerize because the workers seems just playing
 with the nails of the blogapalooza attendees, and they look so happy to design their nails
and whats more amazing is they really good at the nail art and its like a piece of cake to them,  
yet its done wonderfully  and they look like doing only it for a hobby.
And they are so funny and friendly too because they entertain us while we wait for the line,
Unfortunately i didn't get my nails painted because the line is so long and we need already to go home.
 I really love Lulu Nails and Dry Bar.

Lulu Nails and Dry Bar helping the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Clickable links for more information regarding Lulu Nails & Dry Bar

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"MIA" Perfume

Today I hang out on the mall with my friend Mhadel We bought lots of goodies like school stuff, Kikay stuff like lotion, dresses and perfume! And I'm super In love with my new perfume now! I'm not really expecting to bought one because i still have my old perfume but! When i saw it its like a love at first sight. ahahah.

Presenting Penshoppe Pocket Scent Body Spray

I saw it while I'm checking some perfume on the perfume stand because I don't have a specific perfume in mind it caught my attention because its color pink and I didn't hesitate to grab it, but to my surprise, Is the name! the freaking name! Its my name! MIA ,OMG OMG OMG! I think its a joy to be brought my name in something (I know my name is common but still I'm happy!) And when I spray it on my wrist, what really caught my attention is the smell, its smell wonderful and you won't easily fed up in the smell, because its really smell good! and whats more amazing to the perfume its last a long time and its still wonderful even though its been 4 hours! (A long lasting perfume is precious *^*) I just totally love it! 

How about visiting Penshoppe for more information and more cool stuff?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Muhlach Ensaymada

Today when i got home from school, it caught to my attention the Ensaymada on our table its my first time seeing that brand of Ensaymada, and when i check it, it look delectable.

Muhlach Ensaymada

I first saw the Ube because its one of my favorite flavor, of course i try it first, and i just love the flavor of it it taste like a real ube (the violet) and with a hint of melting cheese and the combination is yummy  when i ate it i forgot to share it especially to my auntie! and my cousin sister said its supposed to be for my auntie ahahaha, and its only one piece, next i tried the Cheese i think its the original flavor and i love the cheese its melting on my mouth and i love the feeling of it.

Just look at those Ube and Caramel oozing its way out.

I think you want some Muhlach Ensaymada too.
so how about checking their website? and for more information

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blogapalooza 2013

Yesterday, 11/16/2013, I just had a wonderful day because i attended a marvelous event called the "Blogapalooza 2013" at SMX Convention Center SM Aura Taguig City, (and tell you what its my 1st time going there!, and what can i say its easy going there but when going home is such a pain) The program start at 11am but unfortunately i arrive 4pm at the event, and when i arrive i cant believe it, its amazing there and i never expected that the event would be that gorgeous! And the attendees are great when it comes to fashion they all look beautiful.


When we arrive we started exploring the area, and it caught to my attention that there's a lot of food like free taste of coffee, (btw i tried all the free coffee, and i enjoy it alot, per coffee have a unique tastes) snacks like platowarps,japaenese donut,chocolate brownies and some juices. ( And i think its a branded juices XD)

The booth Megaworld Lifestyle Malls App have a lot in freebies all you have to do is sign up and join, the prizes you could get are plenty but the high light of the prizes is a LINE stuff toys and a THOR magazine (and i would really love to get those!!) Well i join alright but unfortunately i didn't win a LINE stuff toys neither the THOR Magazine!! Huhuhuh. And guess what? Chelsi win a LINE stuff toys w/out working hard! XD and i should really rub my body to her so i could get her good-luck charms! And there's the Coffee Booths the Brownbag coffee solutions and the Figaro coffee company, they have both unique taste but im addicted to the taste of the Brownbag coffee solutions <3 Btw, I win a prize of Pin in the Mind Museum.

And they have a collaboration with PLDT too and there's a lot of wifi inside though im not really satisfied with the connection. Ouuh I love the mini game on the GrabTaxi its really bring out my adrenaline rush! (i try it 4x times! when we arrive and before we go home) And the prize is big its Instax Camera! (I would love to have that camera someday). I got a Enjoy discount and VIP privilege card, One of the awesome booth is the TruGel where there is a free nail-art! I Didn't get my nail painted cause the line is soo long and slow! But they really painted the attendees nail really beautiful. (I was thinking painting my nail a logo of tumblr such a waste! Better luck next time XD) And the food! I can say im pretty satisfied even though its a standing obavasion while eating haha.

And of course we had a little get together with our friends blogger. 
With Anne Monica, Monica Calangian and a friend of her. 
(Just look at those big bags that's where we put our prizes and giveaways!)

And of course with my one only partner in crime! Chelsi Bernardino!
(I just love all our shots together its looks mental- i mean beautiful.) 

And look at the photo booth its beautiful and the collaboration is in their which it tells how amazing the event is which i don't mind going again and again. 

And I love this picture of mine with a hugggble big teddy bear! i just wanna squeeze the out of it!

Hmm,, Flowers anyone?
(Maybe i should have taken that home it would really look beautiful outside our door. XD)

And heres the souvenir and prizes that i got
 (its few compare with the others especially to those early birds XD)

And Lastly of course my #OOTD

(c) pictures is from Chelsi and Mine.

Monday, November 11, 2013

When I'm with you ♥ (ΦωΦ)

Today is our officicial 1st day of class 3rd year 2nd sem we have 4 subject and only 2 of our professor show up,, its such a waste of energy and time seriously,, on the bright side,, me and chelsi took a lot of picture to avoid boredom and playing with my tablet with my plant vs zombie and zombie tsunami game o(^▽^)o, i like zombie alright ♥ ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

So here's to... the crap we talk, the guys we stalk, the way we shop, laughs we can't stop, the gossip we spill, the looks that could kill, we'll stay together, Having those weird conversations with you and thinking if anyone heard us right now, we'd be put into a mental hospital because we're partner in crime forever ♥
- Chelsi Bernardino — at Rizal Technological University.

And because Grachel and Kristina is not our classmate
 (which is so sad) I create a new album in FB 
because im predicting this semester a lot of picture will be me and chelsi ahahah

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Can't wait for the Blogapalooza 2013!

Guys i so overwhelmed to be officially invited to Blogapalooza!

To join and experience this event just click this linky here~

More information visit

Blogapalooza is a community. It’s a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share. Blogapalooza is a blogger event on crack! Lots of giveaways for the bloggers and online community and a chance for big and small businesses to present their product / brand / thingamajig to hundreds of influential bloggers and online social media influencers

See you guys there!!