Monday, October 19, 2015

Blogapalooza 2015

 Blogapalooza 2015 A one time event once a year!
It's finally the season! Newbie? Then listen~

Blogapalooza is the BIGGEST B2B: Business to Blogger networking event where you can showcase your brand, products or services to online influencers, top bloggers, Facebook power users, Twitter superstars, Instagram icons as well as to our TV, radio, newspaper and magazines covering the event. 

What to get on end to end?


We help your business gain exposure thru our community of Bloggers and Online Influencers. Improve your branding and reach online! 

Bloggers / Influencers

We can help you gain direct access to advertisers and sponsors. Get up-to-date information from the source and get more benefits from your blog! 


We can help you expose your brand to our community of Bloggers and Online Influencers. Get the right blogging exposure that you need!


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Where: One esplanade, SM Central Business Park, Seaside corner Bay Boulevard, Pasaya City
When: October 25, 2015 From 10am to 9pm

Yey! The list had been updated!
I'm officially joining the up coming event of Blogapalooza 2015

My experience

Any question or clarification you can ask me especially the newbies!


Hope to see you there!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I Miss Blogging

It's been a month since my unannounced HIATUS and I shall give you an update before anything else..

 Let's see when I look back, August and September felt like its a curse at the same time a blessing since its the start of me entering to the real world AKA working person/jobless person XD.

Im happy that even I'm a newly grad I already got a job though its one of the reason why my schedule is so hectic and I dont have the time to blog and socializing since I'm so lazy to move when weekend comes. hahaha 

AND another thing that I dont like in my schedule is I can't go to church since my schedule is conflict with the church schedule also I cant attend our Victory Group and one 2 one, this is my most top 1 hate reason currently in my life right now. And since I'm so lazy most of the time, my mind is not open in OT. (overtime) I love to spend my weekends chilling thank you very much!! 
I hate changes... but.. people always said that..

"Nothing is permanent except CHANGE."