Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearts Day!

Belated Happy Valentines
Last valentines I spent my day with my friends, because I'm proud to be single! ahahah
Anyway we have class that very day, but thank goodness it was canceled and were supposed to have an exam on our 3rd subject ahhahaah,

Our school held a program and lots of booths 
and our school give a little thrill giving our outfit a meaning like 
Blue: Single and Available
Red: It's Complicated
Yellow: Mutual Understanding
Pink: In a Relationship
White: Married
Black: Single since birth
Other colors is for the bitter ones.
Btw. I'm so not in relationship worst married. I just like wearing pink! XD

Thanks friends for the gifts, super love et <3

I saw a lot of my friends that isn't my classmate this semester.

Grcahel, Chelsi

Rochan, Chelsi

After a long hanging out in school we decided to go to SM Megamall for window shopping, karaoke, and finding a gift for my auntie for a valentines gift, and of course taking a lot of pictures.

Crislyn, Sheika, Michele, Chelsi

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn
With my partner in crime <3 CHELSI

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love is in the air ♥~

So how's your valentines day with your special someone, family or with friends?
I could say to myself that this is one of my best valentines evaaar, I could really feel loved.
And I'm pretty satisfied and enjoyed what happened on my valentines day!

Bracelet Dolled up

Shoes Zanea

Necklace Allen

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bloody Red

Rock Valentines day! with a color of red and white with this nail art design "so in-love"  just look at those bloody red and perfect heart, screaming in-love! 

To achieve this look, here's a quick tutorial to have this bloody in-love nail art <3

apply the plain red and white.

then create a dotted design

Lastly, the cute heart

Now your ready to rock this coming valentines day! 

and thank you so much #BNC nail color for the perfect red.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Paper Roses

Whats more lovely gift you can received or gift this coming valentines? 
Presenting a simple tutorial creating a "Paper Roses".


Colored Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Glue, Pencil, Circle thingy.


cut a circle

beginning at edge, cut spiral to center.

generously apply glue along spiral

begin rolling toward center keeping bottom edge even.


Now you can enjoy giving roses for your love ones its not expensive and most of all the effort and the time you create this is worth it when you see the happy faces of your loved ones.


Monday, February 3, 2014


"Late is better than never."


Last Friday, Chinese New Year Jan. 31,2014. It was holiday and we don't have a classes we decided to hang out in trinoma and watch the last week blockbuster of "Bride for Rent"

And it was amazing because even in the line to buy tickets the line is so long and many people would really like to spend their holiday watching a movie. I'm glad that we already reserve ours in the internet ;D

I love the movie because it was not a pure love story ( I hate love story) and its more comedy and I cant help laughing and laughing it was so hilarious! And i could say that Kim Chiu is really a good actress!

The picture is not great because it was so dark and we didn't bring my camera we just used our phone.

Chelsi, Crislyn

Chelsi, Chrislyn

Chelsi, Chrislyn