Friday, April 11, 2014

The Chicken Rice Shop

"The Chicken Rice Shop" (TCRS) is a chain of HALAL family restaurants operated by TCRS Restaurants Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia. TCRS is a quick service restaurant that provides the customer a comfortably cozy environment to dine in as well as convenient take away services for those on the go. We pride ourselves in providing friendly quick service for all our customers. The Chicken Rice Shop also provides catering services for special occasions.


G/F, Block 2B Harbour Square, Pedro Bukaneg St., CCP Complex, Manila.

The Place

The place is great you could easily find it, and when your inside the restaurant it feels cozy and place itself is really big and all the staff is marvelous doing their job they are all young and seems to enjoy what their doing they smile a lot! Even though you gonna wait a little while the food to be served when you look around the place itself it is entertaining.

And of course let us not forget about the dish, per dish is in large serving and its serve while its hot!, 
and being a chicken lover its awesome that we have 2 different chicken dish I love comparing dish to one another and finding whats more tasty with its different seasoning, and how tender the meat is been cooked, which is their chicken is very yummy by the way, and the plating is very appealing and you would just want to dive in at that very moment!

Appetizer to dessert it was terrific and you would really enjoy eating their food and would't mind coming back again! 



(c) pictures: Ana Monica