Friday, May 16, 2014

20 Wonderful Things You Can Do with GoUnli20 This Summer

With the new promo of Globe this Summer you can now enjoy going out while you dont miss the happening in you social networking sites and still can catch up with the trends and ins on the internet.

And let me share a 20 Wonderful Things You Can Do with GoUnli20 This Summer.

1. Hang out with your friends at the mall and take a lot of selfie and post it asap.
2. Travel to province like eg. Tagaytay and be still updated with your social networking sites.
3. Visiting restaurant you never visit before and tell your friends all about it.
4. Going to the beaches and take a lot of selfies post it and let other be envied.
5. Also taking picture of the beautiful scenery and share it to your friends.
6. Updating your status whenever you go.
7. Love shopping? Get the latest trends online and visit the store to buy the item asap.
8. Taking a lot of selfie with your family while out of town and share it with your friends.
9. Addicted to internet? Dont worry you have 15MB of all day mobile surfing even your out of town.
10. Bored while your in the spa/salon login in, in your social networking sites and be updated with your friends.
11. Cant decide where to eat? Check some restaurant reviews online!
12. Love taking food photos, now you can post is while consuming the food.
13. Love movies? Browse the latest movies even your out of town.
14. Lost and cant find where your going with the GoUnli20 you will never be lost. 
15. Chit-Chat to the max with your best-friend while your in a road-trip with the Globe/Tm call unlimited.
16. Skype with your best-friends even your out of town.
17. Now you can check your online games. 
18. How about reading your online story while on a road-trip.
19. While on a road-trip you can now enjoy updating whats currently happening on your trip.
20. And now you can stay online even your outside, bored to death with your family doing something. 

Thats a long list alright, so many things to do so little time to do. But its alright thats why we have "GoUnli20" To do what we can do.

And remember Globe/TM is great even your in the middle of nowhere, hahaha but seriously even your in province like eg. Batangas the signal is great.

Now P20 gets you unlimited calls to Globe/TM,
 20 texts to all networks, and 15MB of all day mobile surfing, thanks to GoUnli20.

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