Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trip to the Castle in the air~

Rainbow Factory

Hello guys! Finally after a month of Hiatus! 
I'm BACK and ready to blog again!

And because my Intern/OJT is done and it's already the month of March it's a new beginning! I'll make sure this month would be awesome despite of the upcoming event's for Graduation practice, Graduation Ceremony, Graduation Ball. And just a reminder I'm a graduating student! Graduating this coming April 2015! YEY! All done with school like Feasibility Study, subject in school, assignments and projects, yada yada..

Now I'm preparing to become an independent person and have a awesome and stable job to support not only me, my family but also my own business. It's gonna be a busy month from now on because soon I'm entering into the REAL WORLD! and It's so scary!! 

I know it take's time but with GOD I know nothing is impossible!

For now Come with me for a journey of making RAINBOWS!!

Time to mix the color I want for a rainbow!
To make the rainbow solid PUSH the BIG buttons
I’m lavender; I’m apple-tartness green or colored cream like fleece - a peaceful ewe. 
Pastel, I’m hushed; when gold or red, I preen.
 Like ice cream of a most peculiar hue, 
I’m Baskin-Robbins licorice-flavor blue. 
I’m fanciful as pink and rarely frown reflecting sequins of my rainbow gown.

With the Toy Soldier

Big and yummy Rainbow Candy Cane!
With BMAX!

How about you guys.
How does your month pass by?
Is it exciting, thrilling, depressing?!
Share your story by commenting!