Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#GLOBEProjectWonderful2014 Contest

“If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift?”

If I had the ability to help the Philippines by giving gift I would give them a Advanced Military equipment - The military served as the protection of a country, it protects not only the higher-ups people but also the overall citizen of the country. To prevent annihilation of our people and country of the possible war that could occur we couldn't afford to be  possibly defenseless and just let the invaders take advantage of us without putting much a fight.

I know its hard maintaining a good connection in our country especially if there so focus on our natural resources, or a terrorist that want to divided the continent in half. 

With the on-going and future transaction in other country we couldn't possibly sure there wouldn't be a mishap in very transaction along the way and could lead to us to war, one example of near war issue is the "scarborough shoal" issuewe cant even protect that small island and its obvious that the china take advantage of that, If I were the other country I would say "I really would take advantage of it, with the abundant natural resources, why worry right?, if they cant protect a small island I'm sure they couldn't protect there country." It's obvious that small island belong to us but they insist that it belong to them and make a lot of excuses they even put a military ship to guard the island! 

But with a Advanced Military equipment at least we could defend our rights but also our country and not be helpless, the point is the the only thing can save us in desperate moments is us we couldn't possibly ask for help in someone because no one or no country would like to engage into a war and risk a losing a lot, and even though we are under US protection it doesn't mean they would protect us and they made it clear. I heard on the news that they wouldn't  engage/support regarding the scarborough shoal issue that could result to war US made it clear that they wouldn't intervened and only hope for a peaceful negotiation. 

With the Advanced Military equipment it can prevent a war within the country like the issue of Zamboanga Siege  those petty terrorist insisting to dived this small country I cant even think a good reason or outcome nor benefits we could get in diving the country, we should be united! And because of that war many loses of lives and establishments had lost we don't have a sufficient equipment to stop in fear of losing other people lives that could caught up in the process but if we had Advanced Military equipment like in japan, we could stop it early or we could plan early to stop it.

And lastly the Advanced Military equipment  is not only for war its also for helping us, one possible scene for example is if one place in Mindanao if is hit by a calamity like intense flood, earthquake, etc. and they desperately needs our help like foods, clothes medicine, Advanced Military equipment  could help us send the needs of those people early and efficiently and avoid war because of starvation or worst death. 

We should always be prepared and trained because you'll never know that a future could bring. 


Comment and answer If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift? Come on and share your thoughts you would like to give the Philippines~ 

From the winning entry, they'll will choose a winning wish from the comments on the blog and the chosen reader will also get an iPad Mini 2.

The contest is active on January 9, 2014 and will end on January 29, 2014.