Monday, February 17, 2014

Hearts Day!

Belated Happy Valentines
Last valentines I spent my day with my friends, because I'm proud to be single! ahahah
Anyway we have class that very day, but thank goodness it was canceled and were supposed to have an exam on our 3rd subject ahhahaah,

Our school held a program and lots of booths 
and our school give a little thrill giving our outfit a meaning like 
Blue: Single and Available
Red: It's Complicated
Yellow: Mutual Understanding
Pink: In a Relationship
White: Married
Black: Single since birth
Other colors is for the bitter ones.
Btw. I'm so not in relationship worst married. I just like wearing pink! XD

Thanks friends for the gifts, super love et <3

I saw a lot of my friends that isn't my classmate this semester.

Grcahel, Chelsi

Rochan, Chelsi

After a long hanging out in school we decided to go to SM Megamall for window shopping, karaoke, and finding a gift for my auntie for a valentines gift, and of course taking a lot of pictures.

Crislyn, Sheika, Michele, Chelsi

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn

Michele, Chelsi, Crislyn
With my partner in crime <3 CHELSI