Thursday, March 27, 2014

BDJBOX Beauty Social Event: TRES Chic Experience

Its my first time attending a Belle de Jour Event and I can say I was so excited on the day they announce the event until the event day! And I'm glad to be one of the lucky bellas to be pick to celebrate that event.

And I can say I enjoyed it a lot and promised myself I would attend every event they would held if possible! 

My favorite part of the event is the "BDJBOX Beauty Social TRES Chic talk" For the bellas that register for the talk were given a 2 schedule to join the discussion , I learn a lot and a 1 hour discussion is not enough! 

Our first talk is 12:00-12:45 pm with the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry.

Some of the question are:

"What is the easiest way to take care of your skin even though your busy?"

- clean your face, and a single cleansing product is enough, dont put a lot stuff on your face. (-barbie)

"How to cure dry and chapped lips?"

- By drinking a lot of water, taking seriuosly the 8 to glass of water, 
or putting a heavy duty lip balm that medical ones. (-erika)

"How frequent to do a facial?"

- Twice a month for facial. (-erika)

"How to manage eye-bags on your busy schedule??"

- By sleeping early, and if you cant sleep early try putting a eye mask or change your curtain to black.

"Why do you look beki on your makeup?

- By to much foundation under the eyes, just put powder, also with the excessive base and everything.

"How to last make-up for 8 hours?"

- Choose a 8 hours makeups, it also depends on the product you use, or how your days work, 
though you could take time on the morning to apply makeup.

Our Second talk is 1:00-1:45 pm with the 
PICTURE PERFECT with Sara Black, Canon Crusader of Light

Some advice given by Sara Black:

~ exercise, 

~ drink a lot of water for a health body, 

~ sleep is also very important if possible always catch a 8 hours of sleep 
and also to avoid fuffy eyes on the next day,

~ avoid carbs, sugar, and salt because it makes you retain water.

"Dont eat sugar the day before so that you would look awesome on the next day"

"Every single human is beautiful on its own way"

Some advice to look good/perfect on your picture:

"Know your angle"

- If you have a bigger eye than the other all you have to do is put the bigger eye away from the camera.

- Always try to remember when taking a whole body picture try to make your body 
an Hour Glass for the Girls and Inverted Triangle for the BOYS.

- Sometimes it all just depend on the outfit you wear.

- Or how your body stand.

- Or try to chin up a bit or try a better light.

Sara Black quotes:

" Your eyes is the window to your soul."

" Think something happy and it makes your eyes twinkle even you don't try to smile."

" Embrace and accept what God gaves you."

Here are some booth at the BDJ Box Brand Partners Beauty Social Tres Chic! 

Max Factor Booth (Free makeup tutorials)

Canmake Tokyo Booth

My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Booth (Get a free hair dry)

REVLON Booth (Free makeup tutorial and a hottest nail polish shades from Revlon!)

Real Techniques 

And that's are my favorite booths @ the event!

Here are the contents of BDJ BOX Beauty Social- Tres Chic Lootbag! 

Thank you so much for inviting me BDJ Team!
Congratulations on your successful event!

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