Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bioessence GC Review

Bioessence, in its 17 years of business operation has been known in the beauty and healthcare industry as one of the top providers of skincare services. It is one of the leaders in the Beauty and Wellness industry with more than 50 branches nationwide.


To bring wellness to everyone: our clients, staff and the community, through:
• Excellent customer service
• Professional staff and advance technology
• Quality and safe products
• Customized products and services to cater to the clients' needs 


1. Facial Skin Care
• Normal to Combination Skin
• Acne Defense
• Whitening Facial Treatment
• Anti-Ageing Facial Treatment
• Signature Facials
2. Dermatological Services
3. Slimming Treatments
• Detoxification Stage
• Breaking Stage
• Burning Stage
• Firming/Toning Stage
4. Spa Services
5. Massage Services


1. Oxygen Botanicals
2. PH Dermatological Skin Resurfacing
3. Bioessence Local Products

Store Location: 

5/F Bldg. 2, SM Megamall
(02)634-3310 / (02)634-3311

Entrance with Halloween decorations
The store is kinda small, but its because its only a branch.

I finally used my GC from Blogapalooza event, and I was so excited, I found so many positive reviews especially the Premium Pass GC of the Facial and Back massage. Its so exciting this gonna be my 1st time! & of course I'm with my beloved little sister Cynthia 

Front Door
Receptionist Area

Waiting Area

Waiting Area
Many people told me that the branch in SM Megamall doesn't entertain people that have the Premium Pass from Blogapalooza, and I got worried because that's the nearest place in my home and I really want to use the GC, I don't want to waste it, That's why I call on their hotline and inquire if possible to have an appointment in SM Megamall and they said YES! How happy I was and booked for 11am, (so freaking early my sister decide that.)

Then we arrived exactly 11am, and they kindly explain why they didn't entertain the others, and walk in isn't allowed, I ask if we could have our massage by 2pm, and they said "yes and see you at 2:00pm" and that's awesome because my sister and I still have shopping to do.

Anyway, when we came back they accommodate us kindly, I'm first to be called and have my back massage, I was so nervous (it was my first time) and while the girl massage me (as I remember arlene is her name) she engross in little chat and I chat with her happily.

For 1st timer I dont think I would repeat that experience ever again, (ever) while she massage me my back is aching!! And I already told her it hurts! And after the massage all this parts hurts! Its freaking hurts!! (see the picture below + the back of my neck) and its takes days to subside its so agonizing because I can't lean on the wall or to my sister. (And some of my relatives told me its hurts because its my 1st time.)

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