Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Black is Aristocratic

Hello November! 

I welcome you open arms and may I have a memorable month!

It's been a long time since I post some OOTD really really long time, haha
 Been focusing on event and lifestyle lately, and with this coming semester I hope I have more time than last semester. My last semester had been bad luck all around. And with this last semester I want it to be memorable.

So whats taking my time now? More on little blogger events, and again school stuff like looking for where I could take my 2nd semester OJT (where I have no break again), my Feasibility Study (my most priority subject this coming semester) and thinking of hanging out with my BBF's, Also catching up with reading novels, fanfiction and watching anime. 

"I'm a stubborn kind of person
I mean it when I say 'Leave me alone! '
You can't persuade me if I already said NO! 
This is the first thing that I'd like you to know.

I'm knowledgeable but not so smart
I love writing and I love doing art
Oh and i like eating a lot!

I can be a good friend to anyone
I'm kind but not close to be a nun
I'll brighten your day just like the sun
I will help you as long as I can! 

Before I end this foolishness of mine
I better tell you something before the moonshine
'Love me or Hate me', that's my fav'rite line
 It's just me, myself and I. (Frieda Taller)"

"My plan is to forgive and forget. 
I'll forgive myself for being stupid, and I'll forget you ever existed."