Saturday, January 10, 2015

Last yet memorable

Hey! Now its time for the OJT/Intern post! Before it ENDS!
Like I said I would tell you my new journey to my 2nd Semester of OJT/Intern.

And like I said it would be better because I'm with my BFF's isn't that amazing! It's always fun to go to my OJT/Intern because I'm always with them plus where always together when where in school. I'm pretty satisfied with that because this is our last year and no doubt that I would truly madly miss them so much! And the atmosphere in our office is pretty cool because they are all nice and friendly! 

Even though sometimes we are not in the same department because of reason its still cool, I'm with Chelsi & Kristina while Chelsi is Accounting Me & Kristina is in Audit & sometimes Accounting Dept. It's kinda complicated, And being in Audit Dept. deal with a lot of papers! In Accounting Dept. we encode lots of stuff but I'm seldom there and Tina is their favorite! haha And my boss is pretty cool! She's awesome! 

Anyway If your curious where is my OJT/Intern this semester its on Philippine Christian Literature, Inc. in Mandaluyong. One jeep to ride and a little walk,, really my journey is soo booring! haha! And there's a lot of free books and all the novel & inspirational book is awesome and when its sale all the price really went down its really a bargain! 

I wonder how I can deal with my life now, with all the cramming because of our Feasibility Study Exam on some subject plus OJT/Intern my gawd! Its really a crazy life! I would try posting pictures for our farewell in my 2nd Semester of OJT/Intern. 

Audit Dept.

Meet our par-timer coworkers!

JM, Sai, Kristina, Me, & Chelsi

Jhai, Me, Kristina & Chelsi

There's a lot more but that's all the picture I have for now.

And with my BFF's 

Me, Kristina & Chelsi




These is some of my favorite pictures with them, ain't is cute! 
And I love how our shirt make us more pretty! white=purity! haha!

How about you what's/how's your experience on your OJT/Intern? 
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Watch out for more coming post! :)