Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Must Be Something More

And of course, Christmas! 

Even though its another year, another age, another life,
I wound't miss it for the world and I just tried making a wishlist!
I know I can't afford it or someone can afford it hahah! Or may be SANTA can afford it!
Anyway this wishlist, its like a reminder to work hard so I can achieve having this things!
I'm a person whoose kinda materialistic & all of it is expensive! XD 
And of course all gits are welcomed with my open arms w/hugs and kisses! hahaha

And let us not forget some Christmas Song! 
Play the video while browsing my wishlist for fun! XD

Lets start then! 

WARNING (Its a long list) 


Leather Skirt

Tshirt of Adventure Time with Marceline on it.
Gladiator Shoes/Sandal
Black Boots

3-in-1 Hair Set from Watson
Ice Skating Shoes

Blower from watson
Princess Crown Ring


YAOI Manga/Novel/Merchandise

The Series of Unfortunate Event Books
Teen Wolf Movies


Pocket WIFI Globe

ACER Laptop 


External Memory of  Laptop

Canon Digital Camera

Drawing Tablet

Unattainable (I Know!!) Hahahah

Butterfly king AT-7 Knife

Pocket Knife

Cute Pepper Spray

Travel Ticket all around the world!


And lastly my one and only TRUE LOVE!

Stiles Stilinski aka Dylan O'Brien 

And that's the End of my wishlist! 
Its expensive, I know! 
 A person can dream alright!? Hahahaha

How about you what's your Christmas wishlist to Santa?!
Comment and share your wish below!