Sunday, May 17, 2015

Even miracles takes a little time.

Cinderella's Golden Carriage

Still remember the Cinderella Movie 2015? 
Are you amaze with her beautiful Blue dress, Glass shoe and the Golden carriage?!
Well then, check this out and I'll give you a tour! 

Cinderella's Blue Dress
"It's time to rise and shine
Wake up and make the day mine
In this brand new world
I'm at the starting line
But I know deep down that it will all be fine
'Cause I'm gonna rise And shine"

-Rise And Shine (from "Sofia The First")

Cinderella's Glass Shoes

Cinderella's carriage

Ohhh~ I love this golden carriage unfortunately you can't ride on it.


Cinderella's glass shoes
Cinderella's gown front view

I dont like the gown and the shoe,
 They should have made it a life size and just improve the design rather than making it big.
Like seriously it's waaayy to big! 

Cinderella's gown back view