Sunday, December 7, 2014

Summer in Winter

Wet Look
Family gathering is one of my favorite thing to do because its means travel travel travel! When I was young we tend to travel a lot, that's was when I was young, and unfortunately there's no more family gathering happening in my family and if ever there is I dont get a chance to join because I'm so busy with my life. Anyway this last Nov. 30 my father celebrated his 50th birthday and We celebrated it at Villa Elena Private Resort at Laguna, I was so amazed because the place is awesome and there is a karaoke where me and my cousin sister sang out loud! Free public WI-FI (I didn't get a chance to get the password because I'm so excited to take a dip in the pool) I was supposed to took a lot of pictures and post it online, but I dont know how to use a internet from globe data & that's the reason for the few picture because it was all last minute picture. I'm so looking forward for the next gathering and I'll make sure to took a lot more pictures!

1st Room with 2 bedrooms and a flat screen on the outside.

3rd room is upstairs

My little sister Chaldea

My litlle sister Cherry

The slide 

The pool 

Me at the pool

My little sister Cynthia & Cherry

Me, Cynthia, Cherry

View from the back of the villa

view at the back of the villa

Me & Cherry

Me & Ate Allen

Me & Auntie Anna

Me & Ninang Pits