Sunday, December 22, 2013


Location is a park near SM Megamall, Pavillion and Shangrila, it was my first time going there and it was  wonderful there because it was open space and all you could see was the greenery, this is after our mini Christmas party with my school friends it was really fun because its our little get together too because we don't have the same class. 

Of course after a little #ootd we had a window shopping for checking the items and prizes that would be cheap yet beautiful that could be gifted to friends and family. And it was my first time checking Pavillion and didn't expect to be so excited going there when we arrived I was like a little kid 1st time on her walk. it was really fun and exciting because all the items i saw was all beautiful and affordable.

Pavillion is one of my favorite shopping mall now and I cant wait to go there again.