Thursday, December 12, 2013

BYS homamade love nail-art

The BYS brand represents one of the most exciting ranges of cosmetics in the world today with consumer loyalty growing rapidly. Not only is the product range creative with leading edge developments, it's establishment as one of the fatest growing brands of cosmetics within both Australia and globally is testimony to it's exceptional quality and value for money.

BYS proves it is possible to produce world-class cosmetics without exorbitant price tags. Designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia and exported world-wide, BYS satisfies every type of woman with product that does not just follow current trends, it helps create them.

With a strong emphasis on fun and fashion and with its sophisticated black styling, BYS continues to fill the void for innovative, good quality and great value cosmetics that everyone can afford. There are more than 1000 products within the range and it is growing by the day.

BYS is continuing to expand into many countries around the world and is establishing strong distribution export partners as part of our growth strategy.

I already know that BYS Cosmetics is a awesome brand because I know some people who used it, I never got a chance to use the makeups because I'm not a make up person though I love painting my nail and their nail polish is one of the best brand you could have, but alas their items is quiet expensive, When I attended the Blogapalooza 2013 they gave us a free nail-polish and I'm so excited to use it, It's one of my favorite brand in cosmetics!

Blogapalooza Free

I finally get my nail painted and it will be my nail art of the entire week, I call it Homemade Love Nail-art and my gawdd I'm totally in-love with BYS nail-polish its so easy to use because its purpose is for nail-arts, I love the color and the shining shimmering glitter is so breath taking.