Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Celebrating Bloggers United 6

Last Saturday I attended a Bloggers United at World Trade Center 10am-12mn. It was awesome, It was my first time attending such an event and its only my second time going at world trade center, my 1st time was just a glimpse at the place, And I was overwhelmed that place its big, there's a looot of booths, and the famous bloggers are all over the place, and they are so kind and funny they are not some snobbish people, and I could say the event was successful because there's plenty of people and you wont believe how long the line outside, and I was overjoyed because the items prizes are not expensive 400 below, and all the items is still beautiful, I was so excited because I meet a lot of famous bloggers and they are all beautiful and handsome. 

Presenting the beauties and handsome bloggers at Bloggers United.

Aisa Ipac 

Ana Gonzales (Thank you for the BU passes miss anagon)

Arnie Villanueva (Happy happy Birthday)

Cheyser Pedregosa

Dani Barretto 

Joseph Cham 

Lissa Kahayon 

Mikyle Quizon

Paul Riyadh Chuapoco 

Verniece Enciso

It was really fun exploring the venue and checking the beautiful items but what more super fun is hunting and meeting the famous bloggers.

And I just did a shoutout for the Yolanda victims :)

With my partner in crime <3

And of course let us not forget my #ootd.