Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pepper Lunch

Today me and my sister cousin Allen Maralit hang out in trinoma for a purpose of buying a "binyag"clothes for her friend, outfit she would wear for the occasion, buy a yolanda t-shirt, and my 1st batch of Christmas shopping, we didn't get a chance to eat at home because were in a hurry, after we bought the yolanda t-shirts and "binyag" clothes we were so very hungry especially my sister shes been whining to me since were on MRT, firsts we can't decide were to eat and shes been asking me for like ages what would I like to eat, I told her anything is fine as long its edible.

So she decide that we eat in food court's Pepper Lunch Express.  Well, I never heard of that food brand before but its fine with me, a little change wont hurt aint it?,  And you won't believe when we got there there's to many people and the line is sooo long! And while were waiting in the line there a mini screen playing how they cook their food animated style and its sooo cute and yummy! And it really makes me hungry more than ever. When we're done ordering they gave us a waiting number, its cute its round and its flashes a red light when your food is ready to serve! Whats more amazing is their service is fast and so organized.

Pepper Lunch Express

We ordered  Beef Pepper Rice with extra Salmon.
And guess what?!?! I'm so amazed at their plating and the food look appetizing to the core, its really makes you hungry and want to just gobble it up, and when its served you could heard the sizzling of the beef and salmon its so mouth watering, just look at this hot stuff (literally). Even in afar you could see the yummy smoke.

And of course we have to mix it all together to be able to eat it of course, 

Well, I told you guys before but I have a cat's tongue I cant really deal with hot stuff, but seeing their food i immediately pick my spoon and blow it many times just to satisfy my watering mouth XD and my god, start till the end the food is soo hot but its really fun eating it and I enjoyed it alot. 

Hungry and cant get enough of it? visit their website.