Monday, December 30, 2013

Summer in December

And here's the post of our last minute Christmas party — at Avenue of the Arts Residences. 

Its lunch when we meet each other so we ordered @ Greenwich. We ordered Barkada feast good for 5 people its compose of 5 chicken, 2 pasta, 2 mini pizza and rice and coke. Just look at those hot stuff so yummy! 

Of course after our lunch  time we drop by to the pool and have our pictorial.

After that we got hungry and returned to our room for some quick snack.
tempura, spicy chicken and chocolate cake from red ribbon.

Of course after the quick snack we returned to the pool and spent hours and hours on the water playing and laughing like crazy, its really fun and its already dark when we returned to our room again.

Ana Monica, Monica, Chelsi

Tina, Ana Monica, Monica, Chelsi

Chelsi, Monica, Tina

Done having fun in the water and prepared  for our exchange gift.

Ana Monica, Chelsi

Of course after that we had our exchange gift while eating junk foods.

#OOTD of swimwear.

#summerindecember And that's out last minute Christmas party!