Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Come and Explore!

I can't believe I got invited to explorer the Mind Museum in Taguig, @ 11/30/2013, When I arrived there its was a magnificent sight I cant believe its so wide and clean and quiet, but its amazing, and when I arrived I was super excited and I didn't wait any second to get inside, It was pretty amazing inside and cold i love the temperature its a best temperature to explore, And i love how they welcomed us not only by a picture,

But also with a robot, and look at the stuff they are so awesome and active I love them! They give priority to the people and so organized and attending.

Ok guys I'll give you a little tour how amazing the Mind Museum in Taguig,

Titan Arum: The Largest Tropical Flower on Earth 

Petting Zoo, where you could know how those animals texture. 

The main attraction

Stan, the T. Rex also called "lizard king" 40ft long 12 ft tall and was unveiled in 1992, Its is the most complete fossil replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

What a big poop, I wonder if its smeell. (yucckkk XD)



Fire/Volcano Volcanoes are identified by ruptures where lava.ash, and gas escape. When liquefied rocks accumulate in the mantle, denser rocks around it push the heat for release, which cause an eruption. A demonstration of Volcanoes Eruption. 

The Moon, the Stars and the Planets.

Atom  The strange world of the very small.

Satellites  I want to live there LOL. 
Did you know? when your outer space the aging is slower? 


The brain is like a muscle. 
When it is in use we feel very good.
Understanding is joyous. 
-Carl Sagan

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