Monday, December 2, 2013

Da Vinci Exhibit

Nov. 30. 2013,
 We visit the Mind Museum in Taguig, and of course we didn't let pass Da Vinci Exhibit  I was so excited seeing the venue and I cant believe when we get there, Its awesome I was so overwhelmed all Leonardo Da Vinci works is all over the place, I cant even believe the other of his works that he's the one that discover it, its self touring so interesting because you could take your time reading the information, whats more awesome is some of his discoveries could be touched and you could experience on how that thing works, and my god, there's to many people in there its nice seeing a lot of people interested in the exhibit.

Some of the Da Vinci works that interest me, but seriuosly I love all his works its so overwhelming.

Sotoomarino (Submarine)

Leonardo conceived the idea of submarine "a ship to sink another ship" simple shell with a conning tower and lid. which room for one person.

Paracadute (Parachute)

Leonardo parachute design consists of sealed cloth, wooden poles each about 7 meters (23 feet long).

Pianola Portatile (Portable Piano)

It is worn around the waist and played with both hands like a piano.
Inside there is a continuously-moving horse hair bow that is operated  a system of pulleys and a flywheel as the player walks along.

And of course Leonardo Da Vinci self portrait.

And that's Da Vinci Exhibition at the Mind Museum. 

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