Sunday, December 1, 2013

Learn your lesson


Yesterday, 11/30/2013 We attended the Cafe Scientifique entitled "why should Pinoys bother with science"  the venue is right outside beside the Mind Museum, the place is great and there's a lot of booth on the other side like souvenir booth for the Da Vinci, and food booth, the discussion start at 4:30 pm and finished at the time 6:30 pm and there's a extended time because there's a lot of question and everybody participate on the discussion for me its ok to extend because its really fun and i had great time learning.

First we talked about the social experiments on conformity they conducted last week. Its placing a lot of food in a certain place without a guard, see if someone would take the food even though there is no sign saying "You can eat the food" of course they being video in secret we watched the video and its really funny because theirs a lot of people getting some food and they even ask their  friend to join their food escapade, whats more funny and my favorite part is where a one person passed by and just glanced the food at the table after 3-5 minutes he came back! but with a friend! and that's where he grab some food at the table while laughing with his friend. Its really funny!! hahaha.

 I just cant believe people tend to grab a food out of nowhere and just eat it even though it really look appetizing, I mean hello?! your in the middle of the street, what if that food is poised!? and all the smoke pollution received that food its already dirty! Or worst someone was watching behind the scene and kidnap you afterwards just stopping at that area is scary its like a trap and your there standing like your saying "Here I am want to be kidnap etc" tsk tsk. I think its really dangerous. Yesterday they conducting a experiment themed "Free Hugs" I think its really cute! 

To the main Event, the speakers: 

 Maria Isabel  Garcia, Dr. Gemma Narisma, Dr. Gerry Bagtasa and Dr. Renato Solidum

Presenting the scientist. 

We talked about the climate change, science culture in the Philippines, how to avoid massive damage regarding calamity and many more, I learned a lot that some of it never been teaches @ school like, when there's an earthquake if the vibration is horizontal the epi-center of the earthquake is far on that spot but if its vertical its near or where you stand,  Its normal in the Philippines to have an abnormal weather, but it doesn't mean we couldn't be prepared for it, the scientist told us to avoid massive damage the infrastructure should be made in good condition, and for every news be it weather, earthquake, etc. It should be "mandated organization so avoid panic and mis-communication," 

 They also told us that "Learn from the other mistake." because a simple mistake could result to a disaster, and Don't relay on the past records example if your place din't  experience a flood before doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared for the worst. Project Noah is the best because they predict is scientifically precise because of it, the news spread the word that the tacloban would experience a great typhoon and their community need a great preparedness, and it lessen the damage and the vistims of the typhoon,  and most of all the scientist told us that "your imagination regarding danger should be broad" 

And i didnt expect there would be a GMA editor on the crowd, he just add more information regarding the Project Naoh with a little advertisement of himself saying hes an editor and hes the one responsible etc etc. i didn't focus on him its just he kinda annoy me lol. 

And of course a picture w/ the amazing scientist <3


And of course the venue offer a coffee (of course i wont say no, its coffeee im super addicted to coffee) its bitter but its right on my taste, and whats more amazing is thier advertisment on the coffee just look at this stuff. 

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