Saturday, December 14, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Last wednesday me and my cousin sister Allen Maralit hang out @ trinoma in north avenue. 

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

After we eat lunch my cousin sister told me she want to eat sweet because she still hungry, I told her fine I don't mind its just a cupcake anyway not a big deal, when we arrived there I can't believe it just the front shop is breathtaking I shout at her "I though you just want a cupcake!??! why are we in-front of a fancy shop!?!?" I was really shocked, and she told me "stop your yapping and gets inside" My God! why didn't I bring my camera with me?!?! 

And you won't believe what I find inside I'm fell in-love <3 It was breath taking I feel like I'm inside a doll house all the stuff is cute, adorable, beautiful and their theme color is pastel, and my hand itch just to take a lot of photos while my sister is checking the place and the menu, I cant help myself checking and poking anything that I could touch  its just too cute and I want to take it home! I want the whole store to take it home, or could I just live there? XD And I could tell the other customer where also super fascinated with the shop because they take a lot of pics and there's plenty of customer in the back. 

Menu on the wall

Displayed Cupcake

 The cupcake look cute of course, breathtaking to the core, can I just stare at it forever? Its just so beautiful I'm thinking it would be a waste if I eat it, hahahah, and you wont believe that Its hard deciding which cupcake you would want to eat because all of it looks delicious and cute can I just ordered it all and stare at it forever? We even ask the lady on the counter whats their recommendation but I'm not satisfied I really want all the cupcakes ahahhaha.  And did I tell you guys I love sweet? no! I adore it! super duper in-love with sweet things + cute stuff I think I could die. I really love beautiful things. Just look at this stuff. 

And of course after a year of debating which is which to get I finally picked "strawberry cheesecake"

strawberry cheesecake

I love that flavor especially on cakes because the combination is awesome, my favorite fruit is strawberry,  and guess what the taste of this super cute cupcake, is super delicious! The cheese is melting in my tongue, the cupcakes crust is not that hard not that soft, and the syrup and strawberry taste a strawberry it-self, (there is a strawberry syrup taste like crap its awful) Its really a cake but in mini size, which is called cupcake XD I told myself this is so my favorite shop of cakes from now on thumbs up for the shop but also with the cupcakes taste! I don't even mind hanging out there everyday and spending and trying all their cakes. Its super worth it!

I'm inspired I would really like to create a shop like this someday.

Does your sweet tooth tingiling and craving it?
Visit thier website for more information.